Tritip Tips

Check out this beautiful tenderized and marinated tritip steak available in our beef case right now! We marinated this with a seasoning we call Gomez. It’s got a little Hispanic smoked chili based flare to it, it’s not spicy at all, kind of like a fajita flavor.

To cook it medium like this, let it rest at room temperature while the grill gets hot, grill it indirectly or on medium low heat until the internal temp is 130. Then sear it on the hottest part of the grill for 90 seconds on each side. Rest and serve. Remember to always cut these against the grain!

Keep in mind a tritip has two different directions of grain, so two different slicing directions depending on the side you cut from. We highly recommend getting a meat thermometer to ensure a proper cook.

By the way, ever wonder how we marinate our steaks? Check out the video of a fresh batch of our tritip steaks spinning under vacuum to soak up all the delicious Gomez marinade! Come get some!

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